Stained Glass

Stained Glass Techniques

Stained Glass is the art of cutting colored glass into shapes and joining them together using lead strips and metal cross bars, creating a design.  Cut glass also can be joined using copper or platinum.  Here at Illusions, we use the Tiffany method of copperfoil on all our stained glass.  Versus lead, this production style allows for finer detailed work, gives a more artistic appeal and permits a wider creative design.  Lamps/lanterns, mosaics, and stepping stones are all variations on the stained glass theme.  Most any design can be used in all applications.

We offer a wide range of custom stained glass designs.  Concept drawings are available, whether you wish a reproduction of a photo or are looking for something contemporary and abstract.  Used in a variety of household or commercial settings, many of our designs reflect the wilderness surrounding us.

Illusions’ stained glass offers the breathtaking combination of spectacular glass in texture and colour.  Not only are you adding value to your custom home and traditional, natural charm to your decor, your stained glass gains in worth the older it gets!

We look forward to working closely with you to design and create a stained glass item for your creative needs.