Fused Glass

Fused Glass Techniques

Sometimes referred to as “warm glass,” glass fusion is one of the oldest forms of glass making.  Instead of a furnace when blowing glass, fused glass uses torches and kilns to melt the glass.  Each piece begins with hand cut, broken, pulled, and ground pieces of glass and can also include other objects such as metals.  By heating the pieces of compatible glass to a high enough temperature, those pieces melt together into a permanently blended unit.

Vibrant tones and eclectic styles represent the handcrafting in each of our coloured glass projects.


We are also extremely honoured to create Memorial pieces with your loved ones ashes.  Whether a jewelry item, a sculpture, a candle lantern, etc, etc – we are grateful to work with anyone wishing to create that special treasured keepsake.  Whatever you desire: remember their favorite moments, favorite sayings, favorite places or just their favorite colour with beautiful original glass art.

Rare and original products are available for all requests.