Custom Stained Glass

The term stained glass refers either to the material of coloured glass or to the art and craft of working with it. Throughout its thousand-year history the term “stained glass” was applied almost exclusively to the windows of churches, cathedrals and other significant buildings…

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Custom Ordering

Our studio is located in beautiful Barriere, British Columbia. Just 40 minutes north of Kamloops B.C., our studio features a beautiful facility nestled in the Dixon Mountain Range of the North Thompson Valley.

We will ship anywhere in North America and are happy to work with you to create a custom design that meets your creative needs.

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Custom Glass Etching

Glass etching is the abrading or roughening of a piece of glass in selected areas in order to produce a design. It is a way to produce a “frosted” design on the surface of a piece of glass, but it is much more than that…

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Custom Fused Glass Designs

Sometimes referred to as “warm glass,” glass fusion is one of the oldest forms of glass making.

Instead of blowing the glass, torches and kilns are used to make the glass molten. Each piece begins with hand cut, broken, pulled, and ground pieces of glass and other objects…

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